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Questions and Answers

For The Academy of Dance

How many students are in each class?

The maximum capacity of our classes is 25 students, though most of our classes are significantly more intimate, so we can truly focus on the needs of your dancer.

What class should my child be in? What age can he or she start?

We offer classes for students as young as 2 1/2. Class levels are based on age, ability, and the dancer’s maturity. Placement in class levels is at the teacher’s discretion. Please fill out the inquiry form for the correct age group on our home page to discuss your child’s experience and skill level, and we will direct you to the classes that will be most appropriate.

What performing opportunities do you offer?

We have an annual recital in December and June which all of our students are invited to be in. Our more advanced dancers have the opportunity to audition for the Encore Dance Company, our performance ensemble. EDC has several other opportunities to perform throughout the year, ranging from local outreach performances, festivals, and competitions.

When is the best time to enroll for class?

Academy of Dance bases our schedule and tuition on the traditional school year, August through June. August-December is the ideal time to register, as costume orders for the June recital are due in December. Students registering after December may not be able to participate in our June recital (dependent on costume availability), but may be eligible for other performing opportunities that may be scheduled. However, we are happy to accept new students any time! Contact us for details.

How much is tuition? Can I make up missed classes?

Tuition is based on how many hours per week a student is dancing. Please visit our Tuition Information page for more information.

If you miss a class, it may be made up in another class of a suitable level. Classes may be made up within 30 days of the absence, to allow your dancer to stay on par with his/her classmates. Each Missed Day translates to one (1) Make Up Class.


Missed classes may not be used as tuition credit towards future classes.

What should my dancer wear? Do you have a dress code for the Academy?

We follow a dress code int he studio to help teachers see the dancers' lines, to create a sense of unity for the students, and to avoid discriminations and bullying. All students must adhere to AOD's dress code. Please see The Parent & Dancer Handbook for details.

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