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at The Academy of Dance

Expand your dancers' training this summer with one of our Summer Programs. We pride ourselve in age-appropirate, safe learning that challenges students to become the best they can be! Email us if you have any questions or if you'd like us to recommend a program for your specific needs.

Reborn Arts Intensive

Reborn Arts Summer Intensive (Ages 12+)

June 19 - 30, 2023

Junior Dance Camp  (Ages 6-12)

June 19-30, 2023

Summer Session
(Ages 2.5-18)

July 10 - Aug. 12, 2023

Reborn Arts Summer Intensive is the professional summer intensive of The Academy of Dance. This two week program is open to all intermediate-advanced dancers ages 12+ in Orange County. It is catered to Ballet Level 4-5 in our Academy. Dancers will get the opportunity to work with world-renowned teachers in who are at the highest caliber of pedagogy in their respective styles of dance. 

Monday-Friday, 9AM - 4PM

June 19 - 30, 2023

Final Day Showcase in our Merle Sepel Studio Theatre on June 30 at 5pm, followed by a  Pizza Party.


The mission of Reborn Arts Summer Intensive is to expose dancers to a wide variety of dance styles, to provide high level dance education that challenges their technique and artistry equally, and to help them grow into versatile dancers and empathetic members of their community, for whatever their future endeavors may be. The summer intensive will challenge them to be like a sponge -- open minded and absorbing quickly --  in a fast paced and safe learning environment. All classes will focus on anatomical correctness and injury prevention, while pushing the students to improve their technique and performance quality.


Each day will consist of four 1.5 hour classes or rehearsals, and a 1 hour lunch break. The week will culminate with a performance in our Merle Sepel Studio Theatre . It will be an extremely rewarding two weeks of dance, allowing them to take the next step in their dancing and confidence in and out of the studio! 


Pricing: The Reborn Arts Summer Intensive is designed to be taken in full,  but we have created some flexible options for those who may need. We have a limited amount of Financial Aid options available. Please email should you be in need of tuition assitance or a payment plan.

  • Drop in Master Class Rate: $35/class

  • One Week Rate: $560

  • Full Intensive Rate: $840

  • 10% off sibling discount

The Junior Dance Camp is 2 weeks of fun, creativity, and team building activities for your young mover! No prior dance experience is required. 

Monday-Friday, 4-7PM

June 19 - 30, 2023

Final Day Showcase in our Merle Sepel Studio Theatre on June 30 at 5pm, followed by a  Pizza Party.

Join us for an educational, exciting, dance focused two-weeks!

30 hours of activities for your child, including:

  • 15 hours of movement and strengthening class

  • 9 hours of rehearsal/piece making

  • 4 hours of Arts and Crafts

  • Pizza Party and Dance Showing at the end of the two weeks


  • 2 weeks = $300

  • 1 week = $175

  • 10% sibling discount

  • Show is only after week 2, so if you choose to do only week 1, there will be no show at the end for your student.

The Academy of Dance Summer Session is designed to continue your dancer’s training and passion for dance during the summer break. The class schedule offers multiple new classes they may not have tried during the school year, allowing them to expand their knowledge of movement language, technique, and musicality. The Summer Session is taught by our amazing faculty, allowing the students to feel comfortable and confident in building on their existing knowledge in a safe and welcoming setting. Dancers can register for the entire summer session at a discounted price, or for one class at a time as drop in classes or drop in class packages (drop in packages are redeemable during the summer or fall sessions).


Summer Session Pricing:


Drop in Pricing: Created for those who cannot commit to all five weeks of the summer session.*

  • 30 min class: $12

  • 1 hour class: $20

  • 1.5 hour class: $28



  • Sibling Discount: 10% off the 2nd+ student. Discount applied to equal or lesser tuition.

  • *Summer drop-in class credits: We are providing credit back to your account with us—to be used for any AOD purchases, including future tuition—based on the total hours of drop-in classes taken over the summer session. Full drop-in price will be due upfront, but at the conclusion of the summer session, you will receive a percent of your accumulated drop-in class costs as account credit:

10 hours = 5% back

20 hour = 10% back

30 hour = 15% back

40+ hours = 20% back

  • For example, if you take 20 hours of drop-in dance classes between July 10 and August 12, with each of the 20 hours taken as one-hour classes (for a total of $400, paid in $20 installments as classes are taken), then at the end of the summer you will receive a $40 credit (10% of $400) on your account. Please reach out for any further clarification.

Junior Dance Camp
Summer Session

Price Sheet

For the Summer Session

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Full Summer Price
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