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Cheri Spangler came from a family with a strong background in dance and art.  She started dancing at the age of three in Northern California. She studied tap, jazz, and ballet.  During High School, she was very involved with theater and competition.  She attended various competitions around the area including the Miss Dance of California Pageant in Santa Clara, California where she received the Stanley Cohn Tap award for excellence in tap.

Cheri continued dancing at California State University, Fullerton and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance in the fall of 2009.  While in residency, she performed and choreographed for many dance concerts, attended the American College Dance Festival and was a member of the Cal State University Fullerton Dance Repertory Company.  Cheri was a founding member of the FUSE Modern Dance Company until the Spring of 2013.

Cheri is an award winning choreographer. Her students received National overall awards in 2012-2015 competition seasons. She is excited to continue to be a part of the Academy of Dance faculty!

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