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Classes We Offer

Junior Program

Our Junior Program caters to roughly ages 6-11. The development of each student is different, and we honor individual growth for students. See below the classes we offer for this age group. Please be aware, our classes are on a rotating schedule, so we may not offer all of these every semester. Check the Semester Class Schedule to see current offerings.


Ballet 1

Boys and girls ages 6 and older can begin more formal ballet training at Ballet level 1. These classes are the basis of all dance technique and will begin teaching your dancer correct posture, vocabulary, discipline and the principles and traditions of classical ballet. Level 1 meets twice per week.

Jazz 1

Jazz 1 is suitable for boys and girls approximately 7-10 years of age. Dancers train in fluid, lyrical movement as well as sharp, defined, and stylized work. Jazz class focuses on coordination and rhythm, stylization and technique. Placement in the appropriate jazz class is at the teacher’s discretion.


Tap 1

Tap dance provides the unique opportunity to be both musicians and dancers at the same time. Class has a set warm up focused on technique, clarity of sound, musicality, and isolation. The goal of the Tap 1 class is to master traditional tap vocabulary and understand different rhythms, musicality, and coordination.

Acro 1

Acro is taught by a certified “Acrobatics Arts” instructor, Cheri Spangler.

This technique includes balancing, limbering and tumbling and is based on flexibility and strength. Simple thoughtful progressions take the beginner from log rolls and somersaults through to the more advanced dancer with proven results.

Acro’s roots are based in traditional Chinese dance and Acro has gained in popularity with the wide spread success of Cirque du Soleil and dance television programs. These have further fueled the demand in amateur competitive dance.

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Modern/Contemporary 1

Combining elements from all genres of dance, Modern/Contemporary dance class focuses on transforming dancers into virtuosic performers, whilst concentrating on building & maintaining a strong foundation of technique. Fusing together the lines of ballet, the precision of jazz & the musicality of hip hop, and the groundedness of modern dance, the class will also explore artistic expression, with the intentions of shaping the pre-professional dancer not just into a dynamic performer, but into a well-rounded artist.

Hip Hop/Jazz Funk 1

Energetic young girls and boys are welcome to join this perfect class for those who love to move. The class will focus on b eing musical and grounded by learning hip hop steps and short choreography. The students will be encrouaged to find their own movement style throughout the class.

Playful Kids
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