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Classes We Offer

Tiny Dancers Program

Our Tiny Dancers Program caters to roughly ages 1.5-6. The development of each student is different, and we honor individual growth for students. See below the classes we offer for this age group. Please be aware, our classes are on a rotating schedule, so we may not offer all of these every semester. Check the Semester Class Schedule to see current offerings.

Dance class

Parent and Me

Our Parent and Me class is one that will leave you with memories to cherish forever with your little one. It will work on strengthening the bond between you and your child through the stimulation of dance, where your little one will learn to dance and play with the comfort of having you by their side. Suitable for 2-3 year olds + a parent.

Tiny Tots

This class is suitable for boys and girls ages 2.5-3.5 (must be potty trained) who are ready try their first class experience.
The dancers will learn gross motor skills such as marching, running, turning, hopping and twisting all while playing games and having fun! Dancers learn to follow directions, take turns, and interact with their peers while pretending to be animals, playing instruments and more.

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Tap Dance Class

Combo Class

This class is suitable for boys and girls ages 3.5-5 and is an introduction to classical ballet and the basics of tap using creative, imaginative role-playing and fun props. This class may involve pretending to be animals, playing instruments to learn rhythm, learning balancing, skipping and running and techniques using costumes and ribbons. This class is suitable for both boys and girls who are having so much fun that they don't even realise that they are learning the fundamentals of ballet technique along the way. Combo also includes the basics of tap, with more focus on rhythm and musicality.

Co-ed Creative Ballet

This class is ideal for boys and girls ages 4-6. The program inspires and stimulates the child’s imagination, it allows creativity to blossom, develops the senses, creates an enthralling fantasy environment, and teaches the young dancer the basics in an age appropriate and safe manner.
With exciting music, thrilling story lines, and interactive props, the materials contain everything that is needed to give young children a positive desire to learn the fundamentals of ballet technique, at the same time developing their imaginative and creative talents.

Young Ballerinas
Young Ballet Dancer


Boys and girls ages 5 and older can begin more formal ballet training in Pre-Ballet. These classes are the basis of all dance technique and will begin teaching your dancer correct posture, vocabulary, discipline and the principles and traditions of classical ballet. Pre-Ballet meets twice per week.

Pee Wee Hip Hop

Energetic young girls and boys are welcome to join this perfect class for those who love to move.

Happy Dance


Acro is taught by a certified “Acrobatics Arts” instructor, Cheri Spangler.

This technique includes balancing, limbering and tumbling and is based on flexibility and strength. Simple thoughtful progressions take the beginner from log rolls and somersaults through to the more advanced dancer with proven results.

Acro’s roots are based in traditional Chinese dance and Acro has gained in popularity with the wide spread success of Cirque du Soleil and dance television programs. These have further fueled the demand in amateur competitive dance.


Pre-Acro/tumbling is geared towards 3.5-5 year olds incorporating age appropriate skills in with games.

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