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Classes We Offer

Pre-Professional Program

Our Pre-Professional Program caters to roughly ages 12-18. The development of each student is different, and we honor individual growth for students. We follow a curriculum to place our students at the appropriate level for their dance progress, learning style, and technique; not only by age.


See below the classes we offer for this age group. Please be aware, our classes are on a rotating schedule, so we may not offer all of these every semester. Check the Semester Class Schedule​ to see current offerings.


Ballet Technique

Classical ballet is the essential basic foundation for all forms of dance. The principles and traditions of classical ballet are closely followed instilling students with a high quality of dance technique and appreciation while emphasizing a safe and enjoyable learning environment. Each year of instruction is designed to build upon the previous year of training and encourage students to strive for excellence.


Instruction in dancing “En Pointe” is part of our comprehensive classical ballet training, as pointe work is the fullest extension of the ballet line. Placement and continuation in Pre-Pointe, Beginning Pointe, or Pointe is at the teacher’s discretion, dancers should be taking a minimum of 3 ballet classes per week.

Ballet Dancers
Ballet Dancer

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

This is an innovative program developed by Australian Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in ballet.

Modern Dance

Modern Dance class provides an opportunity to explore the fundamentals of modern dance.  Freedom of movement is emphasized while still using the control and grounded feeling always present in any dance form.  A modern class is an essential component of complete, well-rounded training and aides in promoting body awareness.

Specifically, Horton Technique emphasizes a whole body, anatomical approach to dance that includes flexibility, strength, coordination and body and spatial awareness to enable unrestricted, dramatic freedom of expression.

Placement for both Modern and Horton dance classes are at the teacher’s discretion.

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Combining elements from all genres of dance, Contemporary dance class focuses on transforming dancers into virtuosic performers, whilst concentrating on building & maintaining a strong foundation of technique. Fusing together the lines of ballet, the precision of jazz & the musicality of hip hop, the class will also explore artistic expression, with the intentions of shaping the pre-professional dancer not just into a dynamic performer, but into a well-rounded artist.


Tap dance provides the unique opportunity to be both musicians and dancers at the same time. Class has a set warm up focused on technique, clarity of sound, musicality, and isolation. The goal of the class is to master traditional tap vocabulary through learning and practicing a variety of tap steps, short phrases, tap turns, and choreography using different rhythms supported by a wide range of music.



Dancers train in fluid, lyrical movement as well as sharp, defined, and stylized work. Jazz class focuses on coordination and rhythm, stylization and technique. Placement in the appropriate jazz class is at the teacher’s discretion.

We also offer stylized Jazz class such as: Latin Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Jazz Funk

Pilates, Conditioning, Stretch Class

Pilates and conditioning/stretch class provides exercises to that work on improving dancers' technique. Class aims to strengthen and lengthen the muscles utilized in various dance styles, increasing flexibility, coordination, balance and control. These classes also focus on creating more symmetry and balance in the dancers' musculature, which is often lacking-- imbalance in the musculature of a dancer can lead to injury.

Stretching on a Mat

Choreography and Repertoire

This class is for advanced students. The curriculum looks at movement mechanics, and the components of movement and choreography. Students will learn contemporary, ballet, and modern repertoire, expanding their knowledge of choreographers, and enhancing their movement language. As they get more familiar with various movement styles, the students will learn to start creating their own choreography. 

Examples of topics explored in the class are: phrasework, movement intention, compositional structures/themes, music, the creative process.

The Class culminates in a vide recording of something each dancer has created his/her self.

Ballet Variations

A class geared towards advanced level students to help connect them to the ballet world through learning variations from various Ballets. Through learning variations, the dancers expand their knowledge of ballets, and challenge their techniques in a fun and motivating way.

Dancing Salsa_edited.jpg


Students will learn fundamental steps of Salsa, and learn how to add choreography using these steps. The class focuses on groove, rhythm, proper posture, strength, and flexibility, while students learn to work within the dynamics of being a member of a team.

Musical Theatre

Students learn song and dance routines from popular Broadway shows and musicals. This class is high-energy and focused on teaching dancers performance quality.



Acro is taught by a certified “Acrobatics Arts” instructor, Cheri Spangler.

This technique includes balancing, limbering and tumbling and is based on flexibility and strength. Simple thoughtful progressions take the beginner from log rolls and somersaults through to the more advanced dancer with proven results.

Acro’s roots are based in traditional Chinese dance and Acro has gained in popularity with the wide spread success of Cirque du Soleil and dance television programs. These have further fueled the demand in amateur competitive dance.

The beginner Acro class covers basic acrobatic skills for students aged 5-7.

Intermediate and Advanced Acro focuses on more complicated skills for ages 8-16.

Vocal Coaching

Ever have an inkling to sing? This class offers hands on training where students will learn to work on tone and placement of their voice, practice pitch, learn scales, do fun vocal warm ups, work on new singing materials and work on overall healthier singing.

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